I Love You, Universe

By Svetlana Kozianenko

ISBN: 978-1-927538-17-3

The story, that I will tell you about the Universe has never been known to anyone, only you will know about it when talking to the Universe itself! You will learn all the secrets about the cosmos that you did not know yet!

This is the Universe I'm talking to you.

I'm - the Universe!

Collection scientific children's book about the cosmos.

Exploring the cosmos - the Universe, her stars and planets, listening to the sound of the Universe and seeing in the pictures of the Universe her living world from the Earth. The science of space for children is about that how people can not live without the cosmos.

Are you seeking to inspire your children as socially conscious members of our cosmos to be caring of fellow human beings / each other, animals and nature in general

This book helps forward-thinking adults and their children explore together:

1 - Planet Earth and the Universe is one whole

2 - Higher world knowledge of space science for children!

3 - The world and the Universe and their interaction!

Author bio:

I talk to the Universe, as I can penetrate into the astral dimension. This dimension is not visible but for me to see what is not visible is no problem and therefore I can give you everything that the Universe wanted to tell you and show off its height for the Earth!

Page numbers source ISBN : 1718190395

Child! What Universe wants to say to you, listen!

A little known of the Universe! (Universe for child! Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kozianenko, Svetlana. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Child! What Universe wants to say to you, listen!: A little known of the Universe! (Universe for child! Book 1).

About the Author

I talk to the Universe, as I can penetrate into the astral dimension. This dimension is not visible but for me to see what is not visible is no problem and therefore I can give you everything that the Universe wanted to tell you and show off its height for the Earth!

From the Author

About the Universe will tell you pictures that came to you from the Universe. I communicate with them and came to tell you about everything! I live in Canada.


ISBN: 9781532028953

By Margarita / "The Master and Margarita

About the Book:

The UNIVERSE is classified, Margarita has an extraterrestrial power. Sensational discovery of a new science!

About the Author

MARGARITA is a Ukrainian - Canadian White witch and author, she represents her supreme justice, extraterrestrial ability to possess energy. She is THE HIGH PRIESTESS in the UNIVERSE and she informs the whole WORLD that she is the QUEEN of the UNIVERSE crowned by the dead people in the Wiccan Queen on EARTH. August 2006, the power from above in her majestic Tarot cards informed of the creation of the WORLD and continues to inform about its future.

Palestine was Parent land!


What mainstream media wants you to believe is that Palestine was Parent land! 

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Where Lies Our Safe Haven?
With the Internet being flooded with Israel- Palestine Issue, and there is a plethora of fake news floating around, we can't help but question what exactly is this issue, and why does it affects us?
It isn't just a conflict between two countries, it has got the limelight mainly because of the destruction and the fatalities it has caused, and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the gravest conflicts of all time
The Beginning
Although it may seem that this issue has come under the purview only in the past few days, it roots way back to almost a hundred years ago. Let's understand why the conflict is taking place in the first place.
After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Britain was required to make a 'national home for the Jews in Palestine, which then mainly inhabited did use in minority and the Arabs in the majority.
The Arabs resented this move, and when after the Holocaust of WW2, The Jews fled to Palestine in huge numbers, which wasn't taken very well by the Arabs and led to conflict.
Upon failure of the Arabs and Jews to live peacefully in Palestine, A new state of Israel was created in 1948 by the British.  
It may seem that all was well after this, but the conflict had just begun. The Palestinians resented the idea of Israel which ultimately led to far and consequently, 700,000 Palestinians became refugees.
Jordan occupied land and called it the west bank while Egypt occupied Gaza. Jerusalem was divided by the Israeli forces in the west and the Jordanian forces in the east.
However one must note that this division didn't make matters any easier, but was a recipe for disaster.
In 1967, Israel grew hungry for power and occupied the east of Jerusalem as well as the West Bank. It also marked its territory on the Syrian Golan Heights and Gaza.
A Few Years Later
After fighting Israel several times, Gaza was finally taken over by a Palestinian militant group called Hamas. However, its borders still stay under tight control by Israel and Egypt.
The Palestinian Refugees
After being displaced from their homeland owing to tension with Israel, many Palestinians and their descendants live in casa and the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
They still haven't been allowed to go back to their homeland by Israel mainly on the grounds of how letting the Palestinians return might potentially threaten the status of the Jewish state which Palestine currently enjoys.
The state of these Palestinian refugees isn't any better than the typical way refugees are treated in any country, in fact, it is one of the most terrible conditions one could even imagine living in their worst nightmares.
According to the UN, 10,000 Palestinians have been forced out of their homes in the Gaza Strips and almost 126 have lost their lives in continuous airstrikes by Israel. Twenty Palestinians were wounded by Israeli forces in the town of Kafr Kanna, near the northern region of Galilee.
Most Palestinians have found their safe haven in United nation run schools in Northern Gaza to escape the atrocities they're facing and to protect themselves, from what they call one of the most violent nights.
Having to go through all this in a mosque is as it is burdening enough on everyone beyond measure, but children are undoubtedly the worst affected, and if this continues- they're being exposed at a higher risk of lifelong physical disabilities and mental trauma which can scar them for life.
According to the UN, 10,000 Palestinians have been displaced and left home in fear of constant attacks.
Israel in an All-Attack mode
It seems as though Israel doesn't plan to take a step back any time soon and will continue to do all that it takes to establish its Authority all over. The number of deaths caused due to their continuous air raids and bombardment of artillery shells on Gaza is a mere number to them.
While such an attack isn't new, it sure is one of the deadliest ones- because, in comparison to any previous attack, this one comprises continuous bombing and targeting residential buildings, which has indeed made the Palestinians question their survival.
The kind of people who died included but were not just limited to civilians. The Israelis evidently wanted to make a point and so killed several senior Hamas military figures.
Needless to say, even Gaza attacked Israel, which although have caused a considerable number of deaths, it can barely be called a 'conflict'. This is because A conflict means that there is equal footing, which is not the case here.

For the Children of the universe!

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